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10 Reasons to consider Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

by admin on September 14, 2017 Comments Off on 10 Reasons to consider Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture otherwise known as Cosmetic Acupuncture or Facial Acupuncture is a little known part of the Acupuncture world. Let’s take a look at why some celebrities are using Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture and the reasons to consider using it for yourself. 

The toll of Pregnancy and Motherhood on women’s body’s is great and it’s only natural for it to begin to show signs on our faces.

Feeling tired, even exhausted? Or maybe, the effect of sleep deprivation from the night time feeds is starting to show on your face. I know I felt that way, I felt tired on the inside but when it started to show on the outside, I knew I was REALLY officially tired! You see, even before having children, I had dark rings under my eyes. I had told my doctor, my naturopath and my acupuncturist, but nothing seemed to change the appearance of the dark rings under my eyes.

And since I entered Motherhood, I don’t know if it’s just in my head or more fine lines and wrinkles have appeared! Either from Stress or Tiredness or both!

If you don’t know about Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture or Cosmetic Acupuncture, I’ve written another post about it here.

The 10 Reasons to Consider Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

  1. It’s natural.To take a natural approach without the botox, the chemicals, or the expensive skincare products, consider Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture (FRA) to help if you think your face needs a pick-me-up, some more moisture or vibrancy. The Acupuncture stimulates new collagen production which helps with plumping up the skin. It also stimulates elastin repair so your skin has more elasticity to bounce back.
  2. Wrinkles and Fine Lines – These include Crows feet, Frown lines and Forehead lines. If they’re fine lines FRA can help them resolve and if they’re deeper wrinkles, it can soften them.
  3. Sagging and Drooping – Using muscular trigger or motor points in the face, FRA can stimulate muscle tone. Firmness and elasticity can be a secondary result of working around the cheeks, jawline and neck where they’re sunken.
  4. Face Tension – The oppositie to Sagging and Drooping. If you hold a lot of tension in the face such as teeth grinders, teeth clenchers or chomping it can cause overuse of the jaw muscles and show up as stress on the face. Often part of a neck tension picture as well, the jaw tension can be released with facial acupuncture.
  5. Dry skin – Yes, changes in moisture and oil content of the skin can come about after FRA due to increasing lymphatic circulation and blood flow to the face. There are some Preliminary studies to show this, read about it here.
  6. Dark Puffy Eyes – FRA can help lift droopy eyelids and move stagnation where there are dark circles. Using local acupoints on the cheekbone and around the orbit can again help move lymphatic swelling and direct bloodflow to the eye an around it.
  7. Dull skin, pallor – Facial Acupuncture shows changes to facial colour quite quickly because of simply applying acupuncture to the face. This directs blood flow to the face, leaving your cheeks flushed and vibrancy restored. The Chinese have been performing Facial Acupuncture for a REALLY long time, with records of facial acupuncture treatments going back over 2000 years. They talk about Facial Acupuncture as bringing Qi & Blood to the face, and this would be what this flushing is for Dull or poor facial colour.
  8. Bell’s Palsy – During my Internship in China we saw a lot of patients receiving Facial Acupuncture for Bell’s Palsy and Facial paralysis. The drooping and sagging, loss of tone and function on one side of the face can be assited with the help of Acupuncture. The sooner you seek treatment after the event, the easier it is to regain lost function. Acupuncture is good at providing a gentle stimulus to the Brain & Nervous system for recovery of conditions such as these.
  9. Scarring – The Japanese have developed an Acupuncture technique for assisting scarring to heal. In FRA, needles are inserted either end of the scar and around the scar to help reorganise and soften bumpy scar tissue.
  10. Pigmentation – areas of ageing spots, dark spots that are common in Asian skin and pigmentation can be attempted to be dispersed using the fine acupuncture needles in FRA.  Pigmentation is seen as a localised stagnation and with a constitutional treatment of working on the Liver and Kidney can support a change in skin appearance.

If you’re looking for something to help you feel better about your skin appearance, consider these Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture and these 10 reasons. In my sessions with clients, I always include Body Acupuncture points to address any underlying issues that could help your health overall as well as your skin appearance. This makes for a wholisitic approach to address your bigger health picture, not just your face. We want to support you through your Motherhood physically, emotionally & mentally as well.

To chat further about your concerns with your skin’s appearance, any scarring or Bell’s Palsy, email me here at info@springfertility.com.au

To make an appointment for Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, click here.

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