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35 Tips Towards Better Fertility

by admin on May 23, 2016 Comments Off on 35 Tips Towards Better Fertility

For those who want a checklist to scan through for ideas they might not have considered or tried to improve their fertility, this blogpost is for you. Its not an exhaustive list, nor in any particular order. Look at this a good beginning for some fertility basics that look at managing your stress & lifestyle as well as nutrition and balancing your hormones.

  1. Consult with your GP if you’ve been trying to conceive for several months. They’ll probably turn you away with the well-meaning advice to “keep trying” but its a good touchpoint for information. If its been over 12 months of unprotected sex, they might be able to help you start with referrals or further testing.
  2. If age or limited time or medical history are factors in your Fertility Concerns, seek advice from a Fertility Specialist to get further tests and discuss options including IVF
  3. Fertility Acupuncture. See a registered Acupuncturist for hormone balancing, period cycle regulation and PMS management.
  4. Use the wisdom of Chinese Herbs. Taking Chinese Herbs prescribed by a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner can promote a regular cycle for women and assist sperm count for Men.
  5. OMMM… Practice Yoga 1-2 times per week to move your stuck Qi. I recommend Youryoga they have a specific focus on fertility & pregnancy.
  6. Calm your mind. Meditate for 10 mins a day as regularly as you can. If you need some App help try this Calm App or this Yoga Nidra App.
  7. Good to the bone. Try this Chicken Soup to Nourish Blood – its a fabulous Bone Broth Recipe
  8. Eliminate any emotional baggage. See a clinical Hypnotherapist to work on fears and anxieties. I can recommend this one.
  9. Tap Away! Try “The Tapping Solution” for managing stress and emotional ups and downs – There’s a book and some clips on their youtube channel. But here’s a quick intro clip to it.
  10. Benefit from your EPA/DHA’s. Take a good quality Fish Oil supplement
  11. Heal your gut. Take a good quality Probiotic
  12. Try one of the 4 K’s. Incorporate fermented food into your diet: Kefir, Kombucha, Kraut, Kimchi- just pick one and stick with it for a week to feel the difference
  13. Get Real with your R & R. Assign real down-time in your week to really completely rest. This time is sacred and not negotiable.
  14. Ovulating? Not sure? Take an Ovulation test or LH test from day 10 onwards to get specific about when and if you’re ovulating.
  15. What do your graphs tell you? Chart your temperatures. Here’s how to start.
  16. Bon Voyage. Go on a holiday! R & R can commonly lead to an unexpected positive pregnancy test. The power of resting and feeling relaxed can have a huge impact on your fertility and hormones, especially if you’re really stressed and worn out.
  17. Air out your concerns. Speak your mind. Have a voice. Speaking to a counsellor if you’ve been given distressing news about your fertility levels or dealing with miscarriage is a healthy, constructive coping strategy. A counsellor specialising in Fertility & Pregnancy is ideal, like this one.
  18. Overcome your Sweet Tooth. Avoid excess sugary sweet things such as junk food, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, lollies and those tasty but super sugary chai lattes.
  19. Spleen Friendly Foods.  Focus more on vegetable sources of carbohydrates which are Spleen friendly foods. I’ve created a Spleen-friendly foodlist and you can access this here.
  20. Cold is out, warm is in. Avoid physically cold or raw foods in excess such as iced water, frappes, iced coffee, milkshakes, ice-cream, fresh juices, raw veges and fruits straight out of the fridge. Its too cold- your Uterus, Kidneys and Spleen like warmth.
  21. Get moving for PMS. Do more vigorous exercise in the second half of your hormone cycle to move stuck qi that often builds up around PMS time.
  22. Go with the period flow. Be more aware of your period flow by taking a look – does it have clots in it? is it heavy? or light? It can be a bit off-putting but there is a lot of useful information for your Acupuncturist in these details.
  23. Pain, Pain go away. Manage and sort out your period pain with natural options such as Chinese Herbs, Traumeel or Acupuncture
  24. Get Sperm Tested. Ask your GP for a referral for a Sperm Test if it hasn’t been screened before.
  25. Two to Tango. Get your partner’s commitment to any vital Fertility Specialist appointments- it takes two to tango and it saves you explaining things twice later. It’s good for partners to know what you’re going through if its IVF, or for accountability, both of you making changes to your health to improve chances.
  26. Swap foot massages with your partner. The reflexology zones in the feet can help energise you if you’re tired or relax you if you’re wired. Another reason to do this is important acupressure points in the foot for activating Kidney energy, and it gets you practising self care which is so important.
  27. Its comes down to your Jing. Practice preserving your Kidney Jing by following the tips mentioned in this article.
  28. Try Tai Chi or Qi Gong to cultivate your Qi. These ancient practices work on the breath and building up your physical strength, energy levels, Kidney Jing and stamina.
  29. Open your Heart. Opening up your Heart energy or stimulating the emotional centres of your brain can influence hormones and your fertility. This could be relaxation exercises, volunteering, random acts of kindness, anything that makes you feel GOOD. The Heart Math Institute is a good resource for tools, exercises and research about developing your Heart-Mind connection.
  30. Test your AMH. Get AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) levels tested through a Fertility Specialist. This is your Ovarian Reserve and determines whether it is at levels normal for your age. It can be an indicator of how much time you have to try to conceive before it can be limited by a decreasing number of eggs.
  31. Counting Z’s. Do whatever it takes to improve your sleep patterns. Sleep is an easy & natural way to optimise your body clock and therefore your hormone cycles. There’s loads of practical tips to improve sleep in this 7 Day Sleep Challenge.
  32. One size doesn’t fit all. See a Nutritionist for a custom designed prescription of supplements rather than just taking a Pregnancy Multi. We are all different with our supplement needs. I can recommend this one if you’re in Sydney.
  33. Get tested for MTHFR if you’ve had recurrent miscarriages previously. I can recommend this Genetic Counsellor for testing and consultation in Sydney.
  34. Use smart technology. Track your period cycle on a smart phone app, noting all symptoms and signs that occur throughout the cycle including irritability, bloating, fluid retention or tiredness.
  35. Read Making Babies by Jill Blakeway & Sami David or read my review of it here to learn more. This is my recommended go-to guide for fertility.

For more detail about how I can help you with the Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine aspect of your Fertility plans, email me today on info@springfertility.com.au

admin35 Tips Towards Better Fertility

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