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Can Acupuncture prevent Miscarriage?

by admin on September 30, 2017 Comments Off on Can Acupuncture prevent Miscarriage?

Q: Can Acupuncture prevent miscarriage? A: No

Miscarriage is common and a devastating outcome for those who have been trying to conceive for months or even years. We take a look at the factors affecting couples when it comes to Miscarriage and make clear distinctions about when Acupuncture can help you in this situation.

It seems there’s a lot of disclaimers made in some of my posts and there’s a good reason for this. Since being inducted into AHPRA (Australian Heath Practitioner Registration Agency) in 2012, there are strict regulations on what Acupuncture Practitioners can and cannot say in Australia.

AHPRA is clear about laws regarding being truthful to the public. In regard to this post, “Prevent Miscarriage” is dangerous language to be using, as I don’t think anything can prevent this happening, once it has started. Any claim to “Prevent Miscarriage” is simply misleading.

Let’s be clear; Acupuncture cannot prevent Miscarriage.

Let’s also be clear: Miscarriage Happens.

Actually Miscarriage happens more often than you would think, like 10-25% of the time *

Sometimes theres a reason that can be explained such as non-viable pregnancy, blighted ovum, chromosomal problems, chemical pregnancy, physical trauma or simply Low Progestrone or HcG levels insufficient to sustain a Pregnancy. Then there’s the cases where there is no determinable cause for a Miscarriage.

Acupuncture Cannot Prevent Miscarriage, but how can it help me?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) firmly believes that a Miscarriage depletes the blood and energy levels of a woman. I’d take a guess that Western Medicine would agree to some extent. Sometimes haemorrhaging can occur with a spontaneous Miscarriage. Even with a medical miscarriage with medication, cramping and heavy bleeding can occur.

To support such a woman, TCM would focus on:

  1. Nourishment (Blood and Qi)
  2. Emotional support
  3. Any Symptom management needed

So let’s look at this in a little more detail…

1. Nourishment is one of the cornerstone strategies of TCM. The Chinese were good at self-care, conserving and building their energy reserves. In modern Western Society, we have lost focus on these things and instead try to get back to normal (whatever that means) as soon as humanly possible. No recovery time, no rest. We are go, go, go all the time in the vain attempt to save time and speed everything up.

I have written about Miscarriage and important factors to consider with recovery in other posts like this one. Using Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine is a positive and constructive way to begin building up your blood and energy reserves before any attempt to conceive starts again. We use acupoints and herbs to Nourish the Qi & Blood. Some of the herbs include Dang Gui root, Rehmannia and White Peony.

Chicken Bone broth like this one is another good way to nourish yourself after a Miscarriage, as it is nutrient dense and has a lot of trace elements and minerals for repair and recovery. It’s also TCM’s go-to after any kind of blood loss.

2. Emotional Support is what makes TCM holistic. We look at a person as a whole with thoughts, feelings and the physical body – the whole kit and caboodle. Although Miscarriage is a physical concern, emotions are entirely part of being Pregnant and also with loss of a Pregnancy. The Heart Qi must ALWAYS be addressed, acknowledged and supported for a woman after Miscarriage. The Heart is an essential part of the Chinese Medicine Fertility picture, as it represents your spirit, emotions and mental clarity. During Miscarriage a woman may show no emotion or even a lot of emotion, she may be vague mentally, seem distracted, withdrawn, grieving, depressed or show complete defeat. Giving her time to heal and process the loss in private is good and healthy. Seeking Acupuncture or Chinese Herbal Medicine support once she is feeling a bit better to promote sleep, calming the spirit and relaxing her is helpful.

3. Any symptom management – By this I mean if there’s any pain, cramping, her sleep is disrupted, she’s feeling particularly lethargic or she even wants to help her body get back to a regular cycle as a starting point, this is where Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs can assist. Dang Gui root is useful for spasmodic pain of uterine cramps and as a “blood moving herb” can help clear out the endometrium with the next proper period. Zizyphus is useful in helping insomnia and regulating sleep patterns. Astragalus and Rehmannia are energy tonic herbs useful for building up strength again.

For couples going through a Miscarriage I would highly recommend

  • Seeing your Doctor first. Their guidance through such a devastating time can be an anchor for you and give you clear instructions. Whether you need a D&C, medication or to let it pass naturally, they will determine what is best in your situation.
  • Counselling referred by your doctor is also a good option at this point to help you cope and process what has happened.
  • Registered or Licensed Acupuncturist or Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner for wholistic physical and emotional support if you feel that’s what you need. TCM can help give the nourishment, emotional support and nurturing to women who have had a Miscarriage and need extra support to recover.

Its is a trying and challenging time for you both physically, mentally & emotionally. I simply encourage my clients to find what works for them to find peace of mind as best as they can. This time more than any is when you NEED to look after yourself, be kind to yourself and most importantly, REST!

If you want to email me and share your story of loss or grief or want help finding a TCM Practitioner in your area, click info@springfertility.com.au

*Ref: D. Betts Acupuncture in Pregnancy & Childbirth

adminCan Acupuncture prevent Miscarriage?

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