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Does a Hysterectomy cure Endometriosis?

by admin on October 7, 2017 Comments Off on Does a Hysterectomy cure Endometriosis?

Endometriosis affects 6 in 10 women. The pain, the heavy bleeding, the discomfort if you have adhesions, the associated IBS or Bladder issues. Does the frustration ever end? If you’re experiencing severe Endometriosis, you’re probably considering surgery. So, does a Hysterectomy cure Endometriosis?

Endometriosis leaves us all baffled. It affects so many women, yet we’re still discovering things about this condition today, how it functions and spreads. There is controversy in Medical circles – some believe it’s an Auto-immune condition, others think it’s not. Some believe it’s an Auto-inflammatory condition and other disagree. Some say it’s Oestrogen Dominance, others say no, it’s Oestrogen-responsive.

Depending on your physician, Hysterectomy may be recommended, but unfortunately, it doesn’t cure Endometriosis.

In fact, there is NO cure for Endometriosis. It can be managed, but not eliminated once you have a formal diagnosis.

A Hysterectomy may be required if you have extensive Endometriosis in your Uterus, as this is a way of removing the heavy bulk of Endometriotic tissue. But Hysterectomy cure Endometriosis? Sadly, not.

But because Endometriosis is migratory in nature, tissue may travel outside the Uterus. The characteristic traits are Endometriotic tissue attaching itself to the ovaries, Bowel and Bladder. Ligaments, Tendons and muscles can also be sites of attachment. The more thicker, stickier lesions may turn into adhesions outside the Uterus. All of these presentations render a Hysterectomy useless. Even for women during Peri-Menopause, it’s the Endometriotic tissue OUTSIDE the Uterus that can still cause havoc post-Hysterectomy.

Laparoscopy is the only way to get a formal diagnosis of Endometriosis because it enables the Physician to look inside the Pelvic cavity at the extent of migratory tissue. Laparoscopy is also useful in burning off the wandering lesions via a procedure called ablation. The unfortunate outcome is that Endometriosis is known to come back after ablation around the 5 year mark.

Management not Cure. What does that mean?

By Management, I mean, managing symptoms, balancing hormones and reducing pain would suit women who have low grade symptoms and severity. If you have extensive Endometriosis or severe pain, seeking help from your doctor is a must. Managing Endometriosis is where a wholistic approach can really support you because it looks at your whole body picture – physically, emotionally, mentally & hormonally.

Medicine usually prescribes painkillers, Laparoscopy or Hysterectomy as treatment of Endometriosis. But as mentioned previously, there is no cure. These are simply short term strategies for relief.

Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at Endometriosis as a Stagnation picture. Everything about Endometriosis is stuck, sticky and blocked.

  • The endometriotic tissue, how it migrates to where it shouldn’t be. How it “sticks” and adheres to other structures and organs.
  • The lesions themselves look like blood clots and have various presentations showing congestion and stagnancy.
  • The Heavy, painful periods possibly with clotty flow is definitive stagnation.
  • In severe cases where Endometriosis adhesions glue and contort the ovaries, block fallopian tubes.

So how does Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs approach Endometriosis to provide relief?

  • Better circulation to ovaries, uterus & pelvic area
  • Improve menses flow to reduce clots
  • Manage pain and reduce discomfort
  • Regulate your cycle by balancing hormones, especially Oestrogen
  • Invigorating circulation
  • Reducing inflammation

These strategies take a multi-pronged approach to managing the complexity of Endometriosis in mild and moderate stages. Blood moving herbal formulas and Acupoint selection to also invigorate the circulation is helpful to these women and can provide a long term management strategy. At the first sign of increased severity seeing your doctor is a must.

In the case of already advanced stages of Endometriosis, TCM may be a intermediary solution whilst waiting for surgery. Seeking the advice of your doctor is always a first point of call to get a referral to a Gynaecologist who can give you a definitive answer as to how extensive your Endometriosis is. Then Hysterectomy may be recommended, but each case is uniquely different. Hysterectomy cure Endometriosis? Invest your time in management instead.

To discuss your personal experience with Endometriosis, you can email me here: info@springfertility.com.au

adminDoes a Hysterectomy cure Endometriosis?

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