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Herbs for Women’s Fertility over 35

by admin on August 28, 2017 Comments Off on Herbs for Women’s Fertility over 35

Infertility іn women іѕ often associated wіth medical conditions, like endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, problems wіth ovulation or poor egg quality. Research is showing that using Chinese Herbal Medicine can help women’s fertility over 35. Women struggling with these conditions can restore some hope of increasing their chances. Lets take a look at three strategies with Chinese Medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has several strategies to manage and work with Fertility over 35 including:

  • Nourishment as in poor egg quality, low ovarian reserve, low iron and chronic fatigue.
  • Cycle regulation as in PCOS, no ovulation & Endometriosis
  • Relaxation for general stress and exhaustion

A Registered Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner can look at blood test results and Basal Body Temperature Charts and interpret what herbs will help correct the specific hormonal imbalance.

The target in Women’s Hormone Balancing

There are some parameters, we’re aiming towards when we work with women to balance their hormones. Regulating their cycle and building up their reserves through nourishment becomes our treatment strategy.

Once we prescribe herbs, we’re looking to see evidence of changes such as:

  • A regular period cycle that is between 26-35 days
  • A menstrual flow that has a start and a definite end
  • That you’re definitely ovulating and have evidence of that from a LH urine test
  • You have cervical mucus mid cycle
  • Your PMS is tolerable or managed completely

This is how we know the hormones are happy and balanced and clients can see the differences for themselves. When dealing with Fertility over 35, simply achieving this puts couples in a much better position to conceive regardless of their choice to use IVF or conceive naturally.

Rehmannia or SHU DI HUANG

I use this herb A LOT for Fertility support – as the Chinese Medical classics have employed this herb in many of the Infertility and Deficiency formulas.

Rehmannia is great for supporting the Kidney energy or reproductive energy of tired and exhausted women. Definitely a part of any formula focused on egg quality to maximize her chances in conceiving. It only takes just one good egg for it to all fall into place and Rehmannia helps us achieve this. It also nourishes the blood in physically tired, depleted and deficient women.

Treatment strategy: Tonify Kidney, Nourish the blood. (Adrenal tonic)


Dong Quai Root or DANG GUI

This is a fabulous blood tonic and blood moving herb in Chinese Medicine for irregular, light or heavy periods. If the period is light, Dong Quai nourishes and builds the blood. If it’s a heavy period, Dong Quai іѕ useful іn regulating female sex hormones, tone thе uterus and settle cramping. Aраrt frоm regulating menstrual cycles, Dong Quai іѕ becomes a key ingredient in herbal formulas fоr thоѕе wіth endometriosis and severe period pain and clotting.

Treatment strategy: Nourish the blood, Move the blood


Bupleurum or CHAI HU

Stagnation is a unique concept in Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture. The Chinese believe the Liver moves the Qi and when the Liver is overworked through stress, toxicity and poor lifestyle habits, stagnation occurs. In short, when the Liver is happy, things flow and when it’s struggling, the cyclic timing of things can be out such as period cycles, day-night cycles and bowel movements. In women trying to conceive this can show up as irregular periods and no ovulation as in PCOS women. PMS and PMDD responds well to Qi moving herbs such as Bupleurum.

Treatment strategy: Regulating the cycle, Liver support


Can you use Chinese Herbs with Fertility Drugs?

Thе аbоvе said іѕ оnlу а brief overview аbоut thе various herbs tо increase women’s fertility over 35. Thіѕ іѕ purely meant fоr informative purposes, аnd thоѕе whо want tо uѕе ѕuсh herbs muѕt seek thе opinion оf thеіr Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner bеfоrе doing ѕо.

If doing IVF, full disclosure to your doctor or Fertility Specialist is advised. Doctor’s main objection to taking herbs whilst on Fertility Drugs causes drug interactions. Although this isn’t the case with every herb, there are a few that can interact with Fertility Drugs.

Having said that, if you’re over 40, have made several IVF attempts with no success or are what doctors call a “Poor responder” to the Fertility Drugs, there are Chinese Herbal Medicine protocols for preparing for an IVF cycle and working around the IVF drugs within a cycle to give yourself a better chance of success using Herbs.

Overall for women Trying to conceive, giving themselves a MINIMUM of 3 months preparation with herbs is ideal, although not always possible. A qualified and experienced practitioner will always try to accommodate your time constraints and work with what is possible for you.

For more information on Chinese Medicine Fertility Herbs and helping you try to conceive, contact Katika on 0414 459 659 or email info@springfertility.com.au to chat further.

adminHerbs for Women’s Fertility over 35

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