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Can you have Acupuncture when Pregnant?

by admin on September 4, 2015 No comments

Male partners are often protective of their Pregnant spouses and frequently ask the question “Can you have Acupuncture when Pregnant?” Massage and acupuncture have been used for centuries in Eastern Medicine to help alleviate some of the major physical and emotional symptoms that can accompany pregnancy. Modern medical science has shown that acupuncture not only helps with the common complaints that women have when they are pregnant but also improve the potential for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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adminCan you have Acupuncture when Pregnant?

Fertility Acupuncture Featured in Manly Daily

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Fertility Acupuncture was recently featured in a local newspaper, in regards to the growing popularity of Women seeking Acupuncture to include in their fertility plans. Whether using IVF or not, women are using natural therapies such as Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine to enhance their chances of success with conception.

Registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner, Katika Funnell was interviewed by Manly Daily journalist, Kat Adamski regarding the popular trend. Katika had decided to develop a new wing to her current Acupuncture practice to cater especially for these couples trying to conceive and has designed a specific website for these clients called Spring Fertility.  Spring Fertility clients are treated at Katika’s clinic The Family Wellness Centre in Allambie Heights on Sydney’s Northern Beaches,

Traditional Chinese Medicine can provide practical support during your fertility journey. In this article, topics Katika & Kat discussed included Acupuncture in regards to Fertility, Pregnancy & Post-natal support, Acupuncture support during IVF and also to promote labour and pre-birth treatments.

Some couples try to conceive naturally without the help of IVF. If this is the case giving yourself plenty of time to get some important groundwork in place before really starting to try to fall pregnant is ideal. This means 3 months of preparation before trying to conceive is recommended. In that time a registered acupuncturist will work on ovulation, regulating period cycles and strengthening your body via the Qi, Blood & Kidney. This doesn’t apply to everyone, though.

The reality is we don’t all have the luxury of time on our side and this situation is different between each client that comes in. Some people begin Fertility Acupuncture once they’ve made a conscious decision to start trying or once they’ve been trying for some months. This is the more common scenario in clients that come for Acupuncture.

Spring Fertility can also provide short term treatments for women needing Acupuncture during IVF cycles and for Embryo Transfer. You can read more about these treatments here.

Whatever stage your at, Fertility Acupuncture at Spring Fertility can help you get your health and wellbeing in the best place possible prior to conceiving.

A link to the archived article is here.

For more information regarding these treatments using Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, get in touch with Spring Fertility today by emailing

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adminFertility Acupuncture Featured in Manly Daily