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Does a Hysterectomy cure Endometriosis?

by admin on October 7, 2017 No comments

Endometriosis affects 6 in 10 women. The pain, the heavy bleeding, the discomfort if you have adhesions, the associated IBS or Bladder issues. Does the frustration ever end? If you’re experiencing severe Endometriosis, you’re probably considering surgery. So, does a Hysterectomy cure Endometriosis?

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adminDoes a Hysterectomy cure Endometriosis?

Who else is fed up with an irregular menstrual cycle?

by admin on December 3, 2016 No comments

Menstrual Cycles. Every woman has to deal with it on some level. Some women count, others have no idea what’s going on down there. There are women out there that have cycles like clockwork and those that can’t rely on any regularity of their cycle. These women are constantly playing a guessing game about when their next period is due. Let’s take a look at some of the issues around an irregular menstrual cycle, and what can help create a regular one.

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adminWho else is fed up with an irregular menstrual cycle?

7 Reasons Obesity hinders your Fertility

by admin on September 9, 2016 No comments

Bоth male аnd female fertility іѕ affected bу obesity. Obesity іѕ harmful fоr women, especially bесаuѕе the woman is carrying the child, pregnancy brings ѕоmе major hormonal changes іn а woman’s body and so if she is at risk, the pregnancy can also be at risk.

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admin7 Reasons Obesity hinders your Fertility