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The importance of Cervical Mucus in fertility

by admin on November 18, 2015 Comments Off on The importance of Cervical Mucus in fertility

This article is about why Fertile mucus is so important. I’m sure if your on your fertility journey, you might have done your research and are aware of what you should be looking for at different times in your cycle when it comes to Cervical Mucus. Let’s look a bit closer at why Cervical mucus helps you understand where your fertility is at.Let’s look at it this way. The amazing thing about a woman’s menstrual cycle is that it is evidence of what her hormones are doing. The menstrual flow and the cervical mucus are two substances that are occurring at key points in a woman’s cycle and gives a health practitioner evidence by the client’s description of what is happening in her body. It’s an incredible and informative thing!

Cervical mucus:

  • Means spiking Oestrogen
  • Can indicate a fertile time in the cycle
  • Is healthy and an indicator of a Woman’s overall fertility & wellbeing
  • Enables successful conception
  • You can have NO cervical mucus and still ovulate.
  • You can have copious Cervical mucus and not conceive.
  • No CM means no fertility.

So what have we learned so far? Cervical Mucus or CM tells us about timing and overall health & wellbeing. Without it, conception is difficult due to not having the right ingredients, the right pH, the right timing or the overall vitality to allow it to succeed.

What does Wellbeing really mean?

Today, there are many issues in society around fertility. If you’re struggling to conceive, there are ways & means to help the process succeed including IVF, ART’s & Traditional Chinese Medicine. But if you take a step back and look at the big picture, Wellbeing and fertility are closely linked. If we didn’t stress so much, work too hard, had ample time to exercise and prepare delicious healthy food, and slept like a baby, we’d be feeling full of energy, have a calm mind and relaxed more of the time. But the reality of our lives means we do succumb to stress and pressure of our busy lifestyles.

These are key issues with Traditional Chinese Medicine. If you eat well, sleep well, live well, you’ll be a well-being, including a fertile, well-being. No one’s asking women to be perfect, but this is a good reason to seek the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine to compensate for the lack of time and effort in your lifestyle to support your body, mind and spirit a bit better. TCM is really good at this – support & nourishment – for all those tired, exhausted, stressed women trying to conceive.

In a TCM treatment using Acupuncture or herbs a practitioner would use methods to promote Cervical Mucus to promote overall fertility. Because its a great indicator of a woman’s overall health. For more information about Cervical Mucus or TCM, email me at info@springfertility.com.au



adminThe importance of Cervical Mucus in fertility

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