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5 Veggie Burgers you should eat before you die

by admin on July 10, 2018 Comments Off on 5 Veggie Burgers you should eat before you die

With my recent posts on Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to Vegan and Vegetarian dishes, I’ve come across a lot of new ideas on the Veggie Burgers. This is the Vegetarian staple on many menus, but how about trying some of these recipes at home for yourself. Full of protein, a combined protein with your bun, Veggie Burgers can be a quick mid-week meal that ticks a lot of boxes.

  1. Beetroot Burger from Bondi Harvest & SBS food. The colour of this one draws the eye straight away. Beetroot is such a great vegetable for your Liver with it’s detoxing properties. So eating it this way definitely gets the goodness in. Traditional Chinese Medicine would also say that it’s great for your Spleen Qi and Blood to be using a root vegetable like Beets. Forget the old tinned beetroot, go fresh or go home! Get the recipe here.Beetroot Burger
  2. Easy Grillable Veggie Burgers by The Minimalist Baker. This veggie patty is a complete protein in and of itself –  Nuts, beans and rice make it hearty and wholesome. Lots of Spleen-lovin in this burger! Some great ideas in here and it holds together on the BBQ. Get the recipe here.Easy Grillable Veggie Burger Complete Protein
  3. Walnut Mushroom Veggie Burgers by Love and Lemons. No cheats Mushroom burger here with a huge field mushroom counting as the patty. This one blends Walnuts (great for Kidney Yang) with Chinese Five Spice (Warming for the Yang) and Mushrooms together. What a great combo. Get the recipe here.Walnut and Mushroom veggie burger
  4. The Ultimate Veggie Burger by The Awesome Green. This burger is a slow burger, it has a hefty ingredients list fpr the patty and a dressing to boot (all amazing – beetroot, quinoa, egg and more). And the wait will be worth it. Another pink patty to grab your attention, The Ultimate Veggie Burger follows through on it’s promise. Take your time, enjoy the cooking process and devour your reward! Get the recipe here.The Ultimate Veggie Burger
  5. Red Quinoa Patties by SBS Food. Lots of great added protein here – quinoa, chickpeas, tahini combined with the Spleen Warming properties of pumpkin and Cumin – YUMBO! Vegetarian food should always be as exciting as this. Get the recipe here.Red Quinoa Veggie Burger

These are some great examples of broadening your Veggie Burger horizons with food that is balanced, high in protein and get’s TCM tick of approval. Some are slow and some are quick, but adding these beauties to your mid-week repertoire will fill your bellies with goodness.

For more support for your Spleen, Qi and Blood or Kidney Yang, consider the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can join our mailing list at Spring Fertility here to get some great tips for assisting your fertility plans. Or you can email me if you have a specific question to ask on info@springfertility.com.au

Thanks to the following blogs for their inspiration and creativity:

The Minimalist Baker

Love and Lemons

The Awesome Green

SBS Food

admin5 Veggie Burgers you should eat before you die

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