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What does Facial Acupuncture do?

by admin on September 21, 2017 Comments Off on What does Facial Acupuncture do?

Facial Acupuncture isn’t just for Vanity and certainly isn’t like a face lift! Some people use Facial Acupuncture to work on scarring, Bell’s Palsy and Pigmentation. 

Let’s get something clear from the beginning – Facial Acupuncture is NOT anything like a face lift or Botox!

Be wary of people calling it an “Acupuncture Face-lift”, because its not, it doesn’t claim to do that or be a replacement of Botox injections. (Phew! I’m glad we cleared that up!)

Facial Acupuncture is natural, nothing is in the needles to be injected, it simply uses the fine Acupuncture needles to stimulate blood flow, lymphatic circulation, relax muscle tension and stimulate collagen and elastin repair.

Let’s take a look at the aspects of skin, Facial Acupuncture influences in more detail:

  • The Dermis – Collagen & Elastin live here and provide support for the skin. They’re both proteins.
  • Collagen – Think structure of the skin. As we age the collagen network breaks down and can produce those hated wrinkles, loss of tone and sagging. It can be re-stimulated with the use of fine Acupuncture needles placed in areas of ageing and collagen decline.
  • Fibroblasts – Think Tissue repair. Fibroblasts are the cells that produce new collagen.
  • Elastin – Think elasticity and ability to stretch and return to original shape. That spring-like feel, the ability to bouce back.
  • Glycosaminoglycans (Glycos–amino–glycans) Think oil and moisture content of the skin that integrate with the Collagen & Elastin.

The Tools of Facial Acupuncture

The best quality needles are Seirin Needles made in Japan. They have a rigorous production system that ensure the highest standards of quality control. The needles are much finer than normal Acupuncture needles with some guages being 0.12 of a millimetre wide!

The range of needles I use during Facial Acupuncture treatments include 0.18-0.12mm and 15 mm long. In Facial Acupuncture depth isn’t always the priority, as we want the experience to be comfortable and without bruising, of course.

When treating an area of the Face different types of Acupoints are selected – Motor Points (facial muscles), Local points (around areas of concern, wrinkles, pigmentation ) and Superficial Points. So in one treatment we are targeting and stimulating those aspects of the skin we discussed earlier – Muscles, Collagen & Elastin.

The basic principles of Facial Acupuncture is to bring back vibrancy, movement, tone, blood flow and better lymphatic drainage to wear and tear on the face from our day to day lives. Our face muscles are being used every day whether we are aware of it or not, it’s exposed all day to air conditioning, sun and the elements.

For more information on Cosmetic Acupuncture you can read my other posts here.

To chat about your concerns for your skin after Motherhood or for Scarring, Bell’s Palsy and Pigmentation, email me at info@springfertility.com.au


adminWhat does Facial Acupuncture do?

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