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Why could my Fertility Temperatures be off?

by admin on November 18, 2015 Comments Off on Why could my Fertility Temperatures be off?

Taking Fertilty Temperatures is not about them being perfect or “right”. Its about simply recording the data as you test and measure your body’s natural resting Temperature.

There are things that happen week to week that can influence and change your Fertility Temperatures (aka Basal Body Temperature or Resting Body temperature). Its not such a “bad” thing sometimes that your temperature might be unusually different e.g.. a higher temperature if your body is trying to fight of a cold or flu. So this list is to make you aware of reasons why your temperature could be different, if you’re used to them being consistent.

The top 3 reasons are the most common, so take this in your stride and just wait for your body to recover. If its something as simple as a lifestyle or routine adjustment eg. electric blankets, then its even easier to change and get your body back on track.

Aha! That’s why my Temperature is off:

Reason 1: Having a fever

Reason 2: Drinking Alcohol

Reason 3: Getting less that 3 hours sleep

4. Taking your temperature at a different time

5. Using a heat pack or electric blanket: Anything that generates extra heat will affect your BBT. Even clients who have co-sleept with a child/step-child have noticed their temps increase because of the cuddly little heater lying next to them in bed.

6. Mouth Breathing: During sleep mouth breathing due to congesteion or as your natural breathing pattern can elevate BBT

7. Crossing Time Zones: Body clock & sleep is affected due to travelling across time zones, which can also change BBT.

8. Taking anti-inflammatories or sleep medication.

9. Stress: The underlyng ofactor of stress should never be underestimated, even when it comes to influencing your BBT.

This info is referenced from a fantastic book called Making Babies and I highly recommend it to my fertility clients. Its a great reference book for Fertility from a medical & Chinese Medicine perspective. Full of nutritional tips, supplement advice & a 3 month program for those trying to conceive. You can buy the book at The Book Depository here.

Ref: Making Babies, S. David & J. Blakeway.

adminWhy could my Fertility Temperatures be off?

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