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How to be a Vegetarian and Stay Healthy

by admin on July 10, 2018 Comments Off on How to be a Vegetarian and Stay Healthy

Being Vegetarian doesn’t mean being just meat-free. I loathe menus that state they have Vegetarian options only to discover it’s a meatless dish, with no excitement, personality or thought put into it.

To do Vegetarianism properly you need to follow these ideas to maximise your protein intake.

I became a Vegetarian when I was 15 years old. I tried it on my own for a while, then ended up sitting down with a Nutritionist to go through the details of being a GREAT Vegetarian. This meant getting enough protein each day, where meat-less dishes fail in this prospect entirely. Goodbye Meat-less food, hello creativity!

Say Hello to Vegetarian Food Combining.

Food combining means eating one food with another to maximise nutritional value.

A complete protein means the full spectrum of protein (amino acids) is reached.

Meat has the full spectrum of amino acids, it’s a complete protein.

In the world of Grains and Pulses, Grains have some amino acids and Pulses or legumes have others. Its when they’re eaten together that as a Veggie, you get your Complete Protein.


Grain + Pulse = Complete Protein

What options does this give you?

13 Quick Ideas for Vegetarian Food Combining

  1. Hummus and Pita Flatbread (Turkey/ Middle East)
  2. Baked Beans on Sourdough Toast (UK)
  3. Mung Dhal and rice and Naan (Indian)
  4. Split Pea Dhal and rice and Paratha (Indian)
  5. Channa Dal (Chickpea Curry) and Rice and Paratha or Naan (Indian)
  6. Black Beans and rice (South America)
  7. Lentil Pie (Shepherd’s/Cottage Style) (UK)
  8. Tofu & Veg Stir fry with Rice (Asia)
  9. Tempeh Tacos such as these from Live Eat Learn. (Mexico)
  10. Tempeh Dip and crackers
  11. The Classic Vegie Burger – chickpea or lentil patty on a bun with an egg such as this.
  12. Felafel and Hummus Kebab (Turkey)
  13. Freekeh & Lentil Salad like this one

I find ethnic food excellent inspiration for Vegetarians – think Indian, Asian, Brazil, Central Americas, Middle Eastern. Lots of colour, variety and personality – the all important ingredients of Vegetarian food, because we DON’T want it to be BORING!

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adminHow to be a Vegetarian and Stay Healthy

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