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    Why isn’t it happening for me?

    Friends around you might be falling pregnant seemingly easily. You didn’t want feel concerned, but those feelings of worry, being let down or helpless are creeping in.

    Its upsetting, and you silently suffer the disappointment and sadness while putting on a brave face. You may be thinking Why isn’t it happening for me?

    You may have a diagnosis from doctors of a hormone condition or even “nothing wrong”.
    What do I do now?

    Evidence suggests we can help your body cope with hormone imbalances, the stress and anxiety. Acupuncture may help regulate your cycle, and manage symptoms that may make a difference to your results.

    A heartfelt approach

    Chinese Medicine provides a heartfelt approach to the stress of unexplained infertility, addressing you as a whole – the thoughts, feelings and physical symptoms along the way. By using the support of Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs for your body, let’s work towards a positive outcome of a healthier you.

    Its best to give yourself 3 months of acupuncture as a headstart before you begin trying for a baby. But if this doesn’t fit with your timeline, getting started all the same, wherever you’re up to, can make a difference to how you’re feeling.

    Acupuncture to assist.

    Using the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), you can support your body, naturally. Feel Reassured & Empowered that you’re doing something to help yourself.

    Research suggests if your chance of conceiving is less than 30%, Acupuncture & Chinese herbs can help increase those chances. TCM may help regulate period cycles & symptoms to prepare for natural conception. If undergoing IVF, it may assist egg & sperm quality and direct blood flow to the uterus leading up to an embryo transfer.

    Who is Acupuncture suitable for?

    There are many scenarios is which this can help:

    • If you haven’t started trying seriously yet and want to prepare your body the best you can for pregnancy.
    • If you’ve got an no period, an irregular period or not sure if you’re ovulating
    • If you’ve been trying for 6+ months and sought help from your doctor
    • If you’ve been trying 12+ months and are considering IVF
    • If you’re currently doing IVF
    • If you’ve done several cycles of IVF and its been unsuccessful so far

    Acupuncture can provide support during:

    • Hormone symptoms relating to Polycystic Ovaries, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Painful periods, PMS, Irregular periods. Read more on the research here.
    • Subfertility or Unexplained Infertility
    • IVF egg collection Read more on the research here
    • IVF embryo transfer – directly before & after transfer (Research article)
    • Stress & Anxiety associated with spotting
    • Physical & emotional Support after recurrent miscarriage, recovery after D&C, loss & grief (Research article)

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