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    Congratulations. You’re pregnant!

    Now your body is busy at work, growing a new little human. Its an exciting time and celebrating is important!

    Some women experience smooth sailing through their pregnancy and enjoy the whole experience .
    Other women may not have such a fun time with the symptoms of being pregnant. If this sounds more like your experience, Consider Acupuncture to help those symptoms.

    Whether you’re experiencing morning sickness that lasts a few weeks or months, reflux or swollen ankles, Acupuncture can help manage those symptoms that make you uncomfortable. My aim with your Acupuncture treatments, is to make your day to day that little bit easier.

    Morning sickness.

    Clinical research has been conducted many time over the point Neiguan, and found it highly effective. The nausea protocols used during pregnancy are safe for the baby as well as mum.

    Reflux & Heartburn.

    Burning in the chest after eating particular foods or for no apparent reason other than just being Pregnant, Acupuncture can ease pain and discomfort.

    Back & Shoulder Pain.

    Everyone knows this is one of Acupuncture’s flagship benefits, to loosen tight muscles, ease pain and tension. Although your body is brimming with the hormone, Relaxin, as your body shape and centre of gravity changes, its best to get those aches and pains released. Other symptoms acupuncture can help: Sciatica, Sacral or SI joint, headaches, jaw, knee, ankle and foot pain.

    Breech Presentation.

    ZhiYin is a point that has intrigued researchers for decades. This one point is known to assist the turning of a baby in breech position. Its important to begin treatment around 36-37 weeks.

    Cervical Ripening.

    Sometimes called “Pre-Birth Acupuncture” this strategy helps start to relax your muscles and your cervix. That it also relaxes your mind, is a bonus. During these treatments the baby may drop lower and start to engage further. The recommended time to start is around full term from 36-37 weeks.

    Labour Induction.

    Designed for women who are overdue or have the OK from the Doc to do what it takes to initiate labour, naturally. Sometimes women have a medical induction booked in but would like to try for a natural start to labour. This acupuncture protocol is specifically to stimulate uterine contractions. There’s no guarantee, but if it doesn’t START labour, it can promote a shorter one.

    Holistic Care.

    Healthcare during your pregnancy can include so much more than just Hospital and GP care. The wholistic care of Natural Therapies often provides the compassion and nurturing that the Medical model doesn’t always have the time or resources to provide.

    My tips for you are to:

    • Check that any practitioner you choose is fully qualified, accredited or registered Natural Therapies Practitioner.
    • Ask lots of questions, do your own research and you can benefit from what Natural Therapies have to offer.

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