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Clinic of the Year 2018 – Highly Commended

by admin on November 18, 2018 Comments Off on Clinic of the Year 2018 – Highly Commended

November has been a huge month! We found out earlier in 2018 that we were finalists in the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) and Nature & Health Magazine Industry Awards. There were three categories: Student of the Year, Practitioner of the Year and Clinic of the Year.

I run another small business Family Wellness Centre of which my Fertility branch of my business ‘Spring Fertility’ comes under. I have owned the Family Wellness Centre for 11 years and it is a family run business with my mother as business partner. I take care of the Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Massage and my mother is a practitioner of Functional Nutrition, Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Wellness Coach.

I am thrilled to announce we were awarded with Highly Commended for Clinic of the Year. This means we are in the top 4 clinics in the country!

ATMS Clinic of the year award

ATMS Clinic of the year award

The prizes were awarded by ATMS President Peter Berryman and keynote speaker for the event was Donna Ciccia who created Endometriosis Australia.

Donna is a Naturopath and Homeopath by trade and suffers Endometriosis herself. Her addres was inspiring how in 6 years she had created a charity-statused organisation that now provides information, education, support for women with Endometriosis and their families.

Donna talked about the current plan to approach Federal Government about raising the awareness of Endometriosis for Government policy, clinicians, Specialists, doctors and the Australian Public. She was shocked to learn that Endometriosis was only mentioned once in Australian law and even then it was classified under foetal disease, not Women’s health!

More awareness needs to be created around Endometriosis as it affects 1 in 10 Australian Women. I have written other posts about Endometriosis in the media in 2018 as part of its awareness campaign. The posts are here:

Endometriosis on SBS Insight

Endometriosis featured with the Yellow Wiggle on Australian Story


ATMS + Nature and Health Awards Winners 2018

adminClinic of the Year 2018 – Highly Commended

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