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Endometriosis on SBS Insight

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Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women. So that must mean we all know at least one woman who suffers from it. Or do we?

Why is Endometriosis not often talked about? Because women are living with symptoms or pain that you may not see on the outside and yet it affects almost every facet of her life. SBS Insight focused on Endometriosis recently with a panel of women who suffer from the condition, their parents, husbands, gynecologists and women’s health specialists.

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adminEndometriosis on SBS Insight

Clinic of the Year 2018 – Highly Commended

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November has been a huge month! We found out earlier in 2018 that we were finalists in the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) and Nature & Health Magazine Industry Awards. There were three categories: Student of the Year, Practitioner of the Year and Clinic of the Year.

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adminClinic of the Year 2018 – Highly Commended

Bone Broth: The 7 best recipes to try

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Bone Broth. If you’re a client of mine, you know how much I talk about the benefits of Bone Broth. Not because I’m riding the Paleo diet bandwagon, but because the Traditions of Chinese Medicine use it. A woman after giving birth is often given chicken bone broth for weeks sometimes months during her confinement. I apply this Qi & Blood building strategy to couples trying to conceive as well. Let’s look at some great recipes to get you prepared.

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adminBone Broth: The 7 best recipes to try

How to be a Vegetarian and Stay Healthy

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Being Vegetarian doesn’t mean being just meat-free. I loathe menus that state they have Vegetarian options only to discover it’s a meatless dish, with no excitement, personality or thought put into it.

To do Vegetarianism properly you need to follow these ideas to maximise your protein intake.

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adminHow to be a Vegetarian and Stay Healthy

5 Veggie Burgers you should eat before you die

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With my recent posts on Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to Vegan and Vegetarian dishes, I’ve come across a lot of new ideas on the Veggie Burgers. This is the Vegetarian staple on many menus, but how about trying some of these recipes at home for yourself. Full of protein, a combined protein with your bun, Veggie Burgers can be a quick mid-week meal that ticks a lot of boxes.

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admin5 Veggie Burgers you should eat before you die

How to Nourish your Qi & Blood if you’re Vegan

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Being Vegan and trying to conceive isn’t impossible. However, from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective relying on a diet solely of raw food and smoothies is a big NO-NO and not helpful to conception.

Instead foods that nourish Qi and Blood become paramount for Vegans. Here I share some recipes that have great ideas when it comes to nourishing Qi and Blood when you’re Vegan.

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adminHow to Nourish your Qi & Blood if you’re Vegan

Meditation Tracks to support Fertility

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Relaxation can help you practice calming your nervous system. When your Nervous System is on high alert and your feeling under stress, it can definitely be a hurdle to Fertility.

Here I’ve created some Meditation Tracks to support fertility. Relaxation is a big part of healthy Fertility. If you’re already getting Acupuncture or Massage, Chinese Herbs or seeing your Naturopath to support your fertility, that’s great! But these tracks are designed to relax your mind and nervous system by embedding positive suggestions in your unconscious about your fertility, overall health and wellbeing.

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adminMeditation Tracks to support Fertility

Infertility and Stress: The reality underneath

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Infertility and Stress are an interesting combination – Western Medicine says there’s no real evidence to say they co-exist, but for anyone struggling with conceiving, this is a no brainer. Trying to conceive and not “succeeding” is terribly difficult, so how do you deal?

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adminInfertility and Stress: The reality underneath