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Bone Broth: The 7 best recipes to try

by admin on July 24, 2018 Comments Off on Bone Broth: The 7 best recipes to try

Bone Broth. If you’re a client of mine, you know how much I talk about the benefits of Bone Broth. Not because I’m riding the Paleo diet bandwagon, but because the Traditions of Chinese Medicine use it. A woman after giving birth is often given chicken bone broth for weeks sometimes months during her confinement. I apply this Qi & Blood building strategy to couples trying to conceive as well. Let’s look at some great recipes to get you prepared.

1. My Mum’s recipe, stove top Chicken Recipe

I can’t go past my mother’s recipe for a Chicken Bone Broth Soup. This is the one she made me when I was pregnant and also once I had delivered my son. Simple, not too flashy, and it has the benefits of gut healing and energy building just like Chinese Medicine heroes would like it. As I give this to my clients, I always say make it your own – add more garlic, ginger, spices, lemon juice or whatever veg you like. Very versatile and has helped my clients get results. Get the recipe here.

2. Sally Fallon’s multiple broth recipes

No post on Bone Broth would be complete without referring to Sally Fallon and The Weston.A.Price Foundation in the US. Seen as a guru about all things bone broth, Sally Fallon has an extensive post called Broth is Beautiful you can read here. It includes tips for pre-roasting your beef bones, recipes for chicken/ beef/ fish stocks and plenty of explanation about why bone broth is so darn good for you. Highly recommended.Get the recipes here.

Sally Fallon Nourishing Traditions


3. Asian style Pea & Ham Hock Soup

Pea, Ham and Edamame Soup by Eatori. The addition of Nori seaweed and Edamame makes this take on a Pea and Ham soup extra delicious. Using a Ham Hock to extract the goodness from the marrow, this certainly isn’t peasant food. It’s a go to for my Winter mid-week meals. Get the recipe here.

Pea and ham hock soup

4. Slow cooked Beef Recipe

If a slow cooker is more your style, try this Beef Bone Broth by The Healthy Foodie. We love slow cooking – it allows the flavours and nutrients to take time blend, makes for a highly nutritious and Spleen supportive meal. The Spleen in TCM loves warming, easy-to-digest, nourishing foods. Beef Bone broth is a big support for Building blood if you tend to be quite tired, deficient and exhausted. This recipe ticks all the boxes. Get the recipe here. 

Beef Bone Broth

5. Paleo 6-12 Hour Chicken Recipe

In for the long haul, this 6-12 hour Chicken Bone broth by The Paleo Way will be jam packed with nutrients. Even Sally Fallon agrees the longer you cook it the more beneficial. The long cooking times really draw all the marrow out of the bones and make it available in the soup. Get the recipe here.

Paleo Beef Bone Broth

6. Post-Christmas Ham Bone Soup

Don’t throw out the Ham Bone soup by Broth of Life. Using leftover bones after a Christmas meal or big family get together is economical and so much goodness is there right inside those bones! Here’s their simple recipe for using the Ham bone to make a base for many other meals. Get the recipe here.

Broth of Life also have their range of dried bone broth powders to use if slow cooking or broth making is not your thing. Check out their website and stockists here.

Ham Bone Broth

7. Slow cooked, Mixed Chicken and Beef Recipe

A slow cooker, mixed Beef and Chicken Broth by Nourish-ed encourages the ultimate bone broth test – when refrigerated does your bone broth turn to jelly? The 24hrs in the slow cooker with this recipe means more gelatin extraction which is great for healing your gut. Get the recipe here.

Chicken & beef Bone broth


adminBone Broth: The 7 best recipes to try

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