Birth Preparation using Pre-Birth Acupuncture

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Pre-Birth Acupuncture is Acupuncture in the third trimester and should begin at around 37 weeks gestation. The latest research shows that using Complementary medicine tools to help prepare for birth, improves birth outcomes with epidural rates and medical induction rates being significantly lower in women who did their preparation(link here). Acupuncture can be one of those brilliant tools to help you.

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adminBirth Preparation using Pre-Birth Acupuncture

7 Reasons Obesity hinders your Fertility

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Bоth male аnd female fertility іѕ affected bу obesity. Obesity іѕ harmful fоr women, especially bесаuѕе the woman is carrying the child, pregnancy brings ѕоmе major hormonal changes іn а woman’s body and so if she is at risk, the pregnancy can also be at risk.

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admin7 Reasons Obesity hinders your Fertility

Is Acupuncture safe during Pregnancy?

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Partners may be thinking “Is Acupuncture Safe During Pregnancy?” and this is common. Sometimes partners can be protective of their pregnant wife, thinking that Acupuncture can be harmful to them or their baby. Here we’ll discuss the safe Pregnancy Acupuncture practices and some of the benefits Pregnant women can get from Acupuncture. This way you’ll be fully informed about what is ok for your mother-to-be.

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adminIs Acupuncture safe during Pregnancy?

5 myths about Acupuncture debunked

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Acupuncture may be something you’re considering when it comes to your fertility plans or other health concerns. But for some people it may be considered “Wu-wu” and a load of hogwash. Others it may be completely off their radar and they don’t know what to expect. Others will have had some experience with acupuncture, whether positive or negative and want to know more. Here we’ll debunk some myths about Acupuncture so you have some solid information in mind when you decide whether it will become part of your fertility plan or not.

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admin5 myths about Acupuncture debunked

FAQs about Acupuncture

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If you’ve never tried Acupuncture before, it can seem a bit of a foreign or unusual experience to put yourself through. But thousands of Australians are using the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to help with aches and pains, bouts of insomnia, headaches, migraines, and managing their PMS. Traditional Chinese Medicine tools of Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine also have a good reputation with the research to back it up for improving fertility too. Here we look at the FAQ’s for the Acupuncture first-timer.

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adminFAQs about Acupuncture

Spleen Friendly foods that help Fertility

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Chinese Medicine has a whole medical text on the importance of the Spleen called the Pi Wei Lun dating back to early history. In all of us, the Spleen is important for Qi & Blood Production (aka energy levels), digestion and mental clarity.

For women in particular, blood & energy production can be one of our weak points. How many times has a GP asked what your Iron, Thyroid or Vitamin B levels are like?

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adminSpleen Friendly foods that help Fertility

Kidney Jing – Your Fertility Trust Fund

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine Kidney energy (called Kidney Jing) determines your ability to conceive, your vitality & longevity. Kidney Jing is concentrated in the brain, bone marrow, ova (eggs in women) and sperm in men. Learn why your Jing is crucial to conceiving successfully and how you can work with a TCM Practitioner to support Kidney Jing.

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adminKidney Jing – Your Fertility Trust Fund

Pregnancy Nutrition App – Poppyseed to Pumpkin

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Following the 37 weeks over a Pregnancy, this Pregnancy Nutrition App, Poppyseed to Pumpkin provides recipes for each week of the journey in the convenient format on your tablet or smartphone.

Reviewed by a nutritionist, these recipes use healthy wholefoods to give you the best nutrition during such an important time for you and baby.

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adminPregnancy Nutrition App – Poppyseed to Pumpkin

Feed your family with Mamabake

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This is for the new mums. The exhausted parents. The time-poor with children. If you haven’t heard of Mamabake, it’s something you should know about – whether you’ve recently had your first child or are parents to a tribe of kids of various ages, Are a bit tired of your own cooking repertoire, need some inspiration or the excitement of something new for dinner.

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adminFeed your family with Mamabake