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Kidney Jing – Your Fertility Trust Fund

by admin on April 23, 2016 Comments Off on Kidney Jing – Your Fertility Trust Fund

In Traditional Chinese Medicine Kidney energy (called Kidney Jing) determines your ability to conceive, your vitality & longevity. Kidney Jing is concentrated in the brain, bone marrow, ova (eggs in women) and sperm in men. Learn why your Jing is crucial to conceiving successfully and how you can work with a TCM Practitioner to support Kidney Jing. We have two sources of Kidney Jing: 1. Inherited Jing from our parents 2. Acquired Jing that we can supplement Inherited Jing is inherited from our parents. Think of this as your genetic energy, your constitution, the blueprint for health that your parents pass onto you. The health of your parents at the time you were conceived is cruical to and determines your Inherited Jing. Inherited Jing is finite, and if lost, cannot be replaced. Once you use it up or deplete it, it is irreplaceable. Think of this as a Trust Fund of energy. Acquired Jing can be supplemented with good, wholesome, nutritious food. It can be depleted but replaced again with good food and lifestyle practices that nourish the body and promote health & vitality. Topping up your acquired Jing can also help enhance quality of life for someone who has not much Inherited Jing left, or a congenital Jing Deficiency. Think of this as your savings account- you can spend it and then deposit funds later to top it up. Jing relates to growth & development. In children, this can be seen as they hit their milestones on time. Any failure to thrive, congenital health problems or delay in growth and development is interpreted as a Jing Deficiency. Other red flags for Jing Weakness of deficiency in adults include hair loss, loose teeth. weak bones, dizziness, ringing ears, and weak knees or lower back. More Jing, please! [pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]You cannot have too much Jing. There is no limit. Everyone needs more vitality- its what keeps us youthful and energetic both inside and out.[/pullquote] Jing & Fertility People with good strong Jing conceive without complication or effort. Their egg quality and sperm quality is healthy and therefore are highly fertile. As we age, our Jing begins to naturally decline, which is just the natural process of life. In the context of ageing, IVF often raises the issue as being a definitive factor in fertility. The stats are there indicating it is more challenging to conceive at an older age, but not always impossible. This is where the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs can help supplement weakened Jing. In men your Sperm Count test results are a good indicator of your Jing. In women, your AMH or Ovarian reserve is a good indicator of Jing. Although AMH is about quantity of eggs, the help of TCM can work on quality of eggs, by (you guessed it) tonifying and strengthening your Kidney energy. In Acupuncture there are acupoints that are indicated for tonifying Kidney energy and more specifically Kidney Jing in both Men and Women. One important point combination to strengthen Kidney Qi & Jing is Ming Men or Vitality Gate and is located on the lower back around the Kidney region. For more information about how I can help you using Acupuncture or Chinese Herbal Medicine with your Jing, egg quality or sperm quality, please email me at Info@springfertility.com.au or read more about how you can preserve the Jing you have with this Spring Fertility blog article here.

adminKidney Jing – Your Fertility Trust Fund